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B-Girl Battles Information

Further Information

Collection Breaking Classes led by B-Girls and B-Kids

Collection B-Girl History and women in HipHop

HipHop Files by Martha Cooper: The book documents the beginnings of HipHop.

(language: english, with many pictures)

God Save the Queens: The Essential History of Women in Hip-Hop by Kathy Iandoli: Herstory of the female pioneers of HipHop.

(language: english)

Read This to Get Smarter by Blair Imani: A guide to being an informed, compassionate and socially conscious person. About race, class, gender, disability and more.

(language: english)

Women Don’t Owe You Pretty by Florence Given: about the image of women in our society and how it is still characterized by superficiality and sexism, and what restrictions this has for women.

(language: english; also available in german)

Die Erschöpfung der Frauen by Franziska Schutzbach: About a system that expects everything from women and gives nothing in return - and about how women revolt against it and change everything.

(language: german)

EXIT RACISM by Tupoka Ogette: History of the origin of racism, explains racist structures that have established themselves in our thoughts and actions. Entry help for racism-critical thinking. Also on Spotify.

(language: german)

Tough: My Journey to True Power by Terry Crews: Autobiographical reflection on masculinity, shame, sex, experiences with racism and relationships. An honest experience report on the confrontation with one's own toxic masculinity.

(language: english)

Les couilles sur la table by Victoire Tuaillon: Critical consideration of masculinity with men. Podcast on Audible and Spotify. Learning good consent: A guide to implement consensus. > scroll down for english version

(language: french)

Feminist strike house: a room in zurich by Women, Trans, Inter, Genderqueer people for non-commercial, feminist, queer and antiracist groups, events and other forms of political activism.

(location: Zurich)

Café Révolution: A place of encounter created by Black and Black-read women and femmes for people affected by anti-Black racism and a wider, interested public. Also offer anti-racist workshops for white people.

(location: Bern)

Avanti Donne: Lobbying women and girls with disabilities.

(location: Zurich)

@bgirlsessions: about BGirls and events.

(Instagram account. language: english. location: worldwide, manly europe and america)

@Blairimani: A black, bisexual, Muslim woman. About various topics.

(Instagram account. language: english)


@Diefeministen: Non-profit organization that wants to sensitize and mobilize men to gender equality and gender identities.

(Instagram account. language: german)

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