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I don't see, I don't care

The short dance piece „I DON‘T SEE - I DON‘T CARE“ is about human ignorance and the hidden discrimination in relation to racism and queer hostility in everyday life. The piece depicts an inverted world, where cishets and white people are oppressed with microagressions and are discriminated against. The aim is to draw attention to the latter towards queers and BIPOCs and show the absurdity of those discriminations as well as the harmful consequences for those affected.

This duo piece criticizes our society in both ironic and direct way.


Dancers: Pia Ringel, Sophie Gerber

Assistant: Zoé De Reynier

Choreography: Yevheniya Kravets

Music: Blacksilk


17.09.2021, 20:00

Lila. Queerfestival, Fabriktheater Zürich

19.09.2021, 13:30

Lila. Queerfestival, Fabriktheater Zürich

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Fotos von Yerano Studio

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